Gosnold Legacy Award 2019

Vicker V. DiGravio, III

Former President and CEO 

Massachusetts Association for Behavioral Healthcare

The Gosnold Legacy Award acknowledges the extraordinary contribution of an individual who has created indelible impact within the field of behavioral health.     

Gosnold is proud to recognize Vic DiGravio as Gosnold, Inc.’s 2019 Legacy Award honoree.  Gosnold gratefully acknowledges Vic’s statewide and national contributions to the community behavioral healthcare sector.  With a unique constellation of personal qualities, including diplomacy, intention, deliberation, and drive to get things done, Vic is well-regarded as a “leader among leaders.” 

Approaching the end of his 12th year as ABH’s President and CEO, Vic has successfully mobilized powerful stakeholders from state government, legislature, behavioral health sector, and coalition groups to advance legislation, policy, regulation, and financial resources to support high-quality, accessible, behavioral health services for those in greatest need.  As Board Member for the National Council for Behavioral Healthcare, Vic’s expertise in public policy also garners national acclaim.    

As a longtime member of the Massachusetts Association for Behavioral Healthcare, Gosnold’s unanimous selection of Vic as our 2019 Legacy Award Honoree is based on accomplishments that particularly impact on our Gosnold family…the thousands of children, adults, families, and communities we serve each year.  We thank Vic for the following:

  1. Strong leadership in shaping MassHealth system reform through tireless advocacy in the development of the Medicaid 1115 waiver extension submission.  Because of the Medicaid 1115 waiver and MassHealth reform, Gosnold serves as a Behavioral Health Community Partner and helps thousands of MassHealth members to coordinate their mental and physical health services, as well as treatment for substance use disorders.  

  2. A pivotal role related to the passage of Chapter 258 of the Acts of 2014, which ensured greater access to substance use disorder treatment, enhanced the safe use of controlled substances, and directed research to identify best practices in monitoring addiction treatment.  The law removed insurance-related administrative hurdles by eliminating the need for “prior authorization” for detoxification and clinical stabilization services for up to 14 days for commercial insurance products and for as many as 21 days for MassHealth Members.

  3. Exceptional service as powerful convener and legal strategist related to Chapter 257 of the Acts of 2008, which reformed the way the Commonwealth pays for essential social services for its most vulnerable residents.  Chapter 257 established a more transparent, uniform, and evidence-based process for establishing rates which are reasonable and adequate to meet costs incurred by efficiently and economically operated social service program providers.  Vic’s collaborative and facilitative leadership compelled the state’s execution of Chapter 257 annual rate reviews critically essential to behavioral health providers.       

  4. A Caring Heart…fighting the stigma associated with mental health and substance use disorders through consistent media relations and campaigns, and general public education and advocacy.

  5. Unrelenting Advocacy with government officials and legislators during each annual budget cycle for key behavioral health programs, innovations and initiatives.       

With strong commitment to consensus-building, accountability, and outcomes, Vic brings people and systems together in order to effectuate change for those in need.  The above accomplishments (and more!) continue to make a difference for youth, adults, families, communities, and service Providers.   

We acknowledge and celebrate Vic’s exceptional contribution to the community behavioral health sector.  On behalf of Gosnold, Inc., Board of Directors, we are delighted to recognize your efforts as the 2019 Gosnold Legacy Award honoree, to be presented at the Gosnold Legacy Gala on Saturday August 24, 2019 at the Oyster Harbors Club, Osterville, Massachusetts.                          

Gosnold, Inc.

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