“I came into recovery at 49 years old for the first time very unsure of how to do anything in my life without alcohol as my partner. After leaving inpatient treatment with Gosnold, I was afraid of getting back to everyday living without my “partner”.  Transition is difficult. Melissa made me feel safe. Regardless of what we did, whether it was coffee or doctors’ appointments, Melissa showed me life could be lived without a substance. We laughed, we sang, I cried, we volunteered. Spending time with Melissa always makes me want to be better a person.”  

- Cindy

“I have noticed a tremendous difference in the wellbeing and self-esteem of certain students and I wanted to thank and
congratulate you. I believe that the time spent with you has been very effective and that is evident in their behavior,
attitude, and grades.”


Thank you, - School Director



14,000 children and adults have benefitted from services.

Prevention and early intervention offer the hope and promise of averting first-time use.  Utilizing evidence based strategies, our goal is to reduce the likelihood of experimentation with drugs or alcohol.  Our initiative brings together various sectors of the community—health, education, business, government and the general public in a planned and collaborative way. 

In 2018, with support from Cape Cod Healthcare and the United Way of Cape Cod, we expanded our efforts to build a comprehensive prevention model which demonstrates measurable quality outcomes to reduce the use of alcohol and drugs.


4,400 in-school counseling sessions

Gosnold’s School Based Counseling Program began in 2014 with one part time counselor in a Cape Cod high school. Four years later, we have counselors in over 40 elementary, middle and high schools across Cape Cod, the South Shore and the South Coast.

Our program targets students at risk; many are in need of diagnostic assessment and individual therapy for mental health and substance use disorders.  Services include coordination with school staff, pediatricians, parents and other mental health and medical professionals.   Measurable outcomes include reductions in absenteeism, improvements in academic performance and a reduction in disciplinary encounters. 


76% of overdose victims accepted treatment after PD Intervention

Emergency Department Intervention

A Gosnold Recovery Specialist works in Emergency Departments across the South Shore and Cape Cod, to assist and intervene with individuals brought to the hospital following a non-fatal overdose event.  The primary objective of this collaboration is to motivate the patient to accept treatment and facilitate referral to the appropriate level of care. 


Police Department Overdose Intervention
A Gosnold Recovery Specialist partners with a designated member of the local police department to reach out to and meet with each overdose victim and their family following a non-fatal overdose event.   The goal is to proactively respond by offering treatment, support and education.  Follow-up calls to the victim and family are made at one or two week intervals. 


Gosnold is currently working with police departments in 29 towns across Cape Cod, the South Shore and the South Coast.  


Participants increased sobriety from 19% to 82%

Gosnold Recovery Managers guide patients and families through the transition period following inpatient treatment.  Patients are matched to a Recovery Manager who identifies, implements and monitors short and long term goals to help patients sustain recovery.  This includes transitional recovery and community based care elements and incorporates a dynamic hands-on approach.


An individualized continued care plan is developed for each patient and includes daily contact with their recovery manager, community acclamation and socialization, introduction to recovery support groups, and monthly family meetings. 


We aim to build strong peer relationships, cultivate community connections, and promote camaraderie among all who care deeply for our Alumni Program.

The Gosnold Alumni program provides support to those who previously participated in Gosnold services. The program nurtures a community of like-minded individuals who are active in their recovery, and show interest in getting involved with service work, volunteer opportunities, and recovery based social events.

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