Community Leadership Award 2019

Sheriff James Cummings
Barnstable County Sheriff

The Gosnold Community Service Award celebrates the extraordinary contribution of an individual who gives back to the
community in ways that advance positive opportunities for individuals with substance use and co-occurring mental
health conditions. Congratulations to Sheriff James M. Cummings, Gosnold’s 2019 Honoree.
Sheriff Cummings’ commitment to country, law enforcement, and the citizens of the Cape and Islands community reflect
his lifelong focus on the protection of citizens and promotion of public safety. In addition to former service as a member
of the United States Navy, Sheriff Cummings served 20 years with the State Police Detective Unit (CPAC) attached to the
Cape & Islands District Attorney’s Office, and another 20 years as Sheriff of Barnstable County.
These roles profoundly shaped Jim’s understanding of how substance use disorders impact individuals from all walks of

In particular, Gosnold Inc. recognizes Sheriff Cummings' diligent efforts related to post-incarceration community reintegration.
Jim’s pioneering implementation of the Residential Substance Abuse Treatment Program (RSAT/Shock) has
earned the Barnstable County Correctional Facility (BCCF) the designation of a rehabilitation facility.
Drawing national attention for this innovation, the United States Department of Justice has named the BCCF one of six
national mentoring sites. Jim understands the need for treatment during both incarceration and reintegration cycles.
The Re-Entry program assists inmates to transition back into society through a variety of supports and resources,
including sober living, health insurance access, and post-release employment options. Jim’s tireless work has produced
some of the lowest recidivism rates in the country.

With a focus on reducing the rate of recidivism, decreasing the stigma of addiction, and preparing inmates for societal
reintroduction, Sheriff Cummings is a leader in the realm of community-oriented law enforcement. Jim’s numerous
accomplishments continue to make a difference for Cape and Islands’ youth, adults, families, and law enforcement.
We celebrate Sheriff Cumming’s continued contribution to the Cape Cod community, in both the criminal justice system
and the community as a whole. On behalf of Gosnold, Inc., Board of Directors, we are delighted to recognize Sheriff Jim
Cummings’ efforts as the 2019 Gosnold Legacy Award honoree, to be presented at the Gosnold Legacy Gala on Saturday
August 24, 2019 at the Oyster Harbors Club, Osterville, Massachusetts.

Gosnold, Inc.

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